Welcome to Education Technology Conversations, a production of the Capitol Region Education Council, and a partnership of CREC’s Institute of Teaching and Learning (T&L) and the Division of Data Analysis, Research and Technology (DART).

As you may have already gathered, we can’t get enough of acronyms and nicknames here around the office, and so we’ll sometimes call this project ETC (eee – tee – see) or “et cetera.” We hope you call this project interesting, fun and most of all helpful.

ETC is the result of numerous conversations between Rob and Josiah about… well, education technology.While the focal point is of course the podcast, we hope to use this website and other digital media to make this project a true conversation that’s much larger than just what Rob and Josiah have on their minds.  Please share your questions, conversation starters and ideas in the comments and forum.

Education Technology Conversations