Podcast Info

Education Technology Conversations (ETC) is currently being produced and released on a bimonthly schedule – in this case, that means twice a month. We think we have more than enough content to go to a weekly schedule, but we’re not sure about the demand for a weekly schedule – so if you like what you hear (or even if you don’t like what you hear), please contact us and let us know.

Each episode of ETC includes a blend of reoccurring  segments.  Here’s a list of those segments and brief descriptions.

In the News

Rob and Josiah share 2 to 5 news stories that are recent and relevant… or just plain cool.  Sometimes we’ll tie these news stories into our “What’s on our minds” segment, and other times we’ll only have enough time to give them a quick mention, but we’ll always link to them in our episode show notes.


Rob and Josiah each spend a few minutes sharing an app they find noteworthy and talk about how it can be used in the classroom.  A lot of people assume that apps have to be on smartphones or tablets because the term was popularized by the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon; however, “app” is just short for “application,” another word for program.  Apps can be specific to a single operating system like Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android, but many of the “big ones,” are cross-platform and/or web-based.  While Rob’s a Microsoft guy and Josiah’s an Apple guy, they’ll do their best to be balanced when choosing apps to share.  If you have an app you’d like mentioned, let us know!

Whats on Our Minds

Rob and Josiah have a  more in-depth conversations about an ed tech topic.  This segment may include interviews and/or case studies from time to time. Conversations will typically have themes like Digital Literacy and Citizenship, Online Learning, Access to Technology, Digital Assessment and more.  We hope that these conversations grow to include more than just Rob and Josiah – if you have something to share, make sure you comment on the show notes page for that specific episode.


Many teachers know KWL as an instructional tool that stands for what do you Know, what do you Wonder or Want to know, and what have you Learned.  We’ve modified the tool a bit for our podcast. In this segment we bring up a tech story that might be an emerging trend or something cutting edge.  We’ll share what we already Know about the topic.  Then we’ll speculate a bit as we Wonder how the story might impact education.  And finally, we’ll talk about what we’ve Learned from past in similar situations, or what we hope to Learn moving forward.


During this segment we’ll share a handful of education related events happening in the Capitol Region, Connecticut as a whole and sometimes mention regional events that impact Connecticut and its neighbors.  Check out CREC’s events calendar for up-to-date information.

Education Technology Conversations