Episode 8: Summer Extravaganza!

“Hey, what happened to Episode 7,” you ask? Well we recorded some of that episode, but due to a mix of scheduling and technical difficulties, we aren’t able to release that content yet. So here’s Episode 8.  Enjoy 🙂

Today’s Show:

We showcase two apps that will help students of different ages learn concepts related to programming.  Rob and I do a feature-to-feature comparison of two cloud productivity powerhouses: Office 365 v. Google Apps for Education.  And finally, Josiah breaks his own rule of not buying first generation technology – the Chromecast is in the mail!

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In the News:


  • Hopscotch – visual based programming on the iPad
  • CodeAcademy – lots of coding language tutorials for free

What’s on our minds…


  • What kind of penetration will Chromecast have in the education world?